Friday, 9 August 2013


Life is a school

Each and every moment is an exam

You may fail at one time

Do not stop there itself

You will have the supplementary coming up

Do not leave the efforts and move on

Try again and try once more

Life always brings surprises

All of a sudden and unexpected

Yesterday might be colorful

But tomorrow would be the darkest

Do not lose the hope

Search out for the ray of light

Try yourself to bring it in, try once more

Life is a bunch of opportunities

They will always be in plenty

Not just only one

Sometimes you may fail to get a bunch

Even may not be able to handle

Do not sit idle

Go and grab from the next bunch

You must try always, try once more

Life throws at each one of us

The stones of difficulties and problems

It does not mean that all doors are closed

And you have nowhere to go

You must find out the key

To unlock and move forward

So, always try once more


     Life is what you make it

       Each and every moment, enjoy it

       So beautiful is the world, so you are

       Happiness is filled everywhere,

                             here and there


       Being proud to be a human by birth

       Its god's bless that we landed on earth

       Nature has given you every thing, your needs

       You just have to plant those seeds


       No matter the pain you are through

       One should move on, it is true

       Life never leaves anyone alone

       Takes you for a walk, dark to sunshine